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To ensure and enhance competitiveness, every company must continuously question and optimize its processes. External and internal factors are equally relevant. New customer demands, technological leaps, and competitors are just as important as cost structures, personnel, and qualifications.

In addition to quality, customer focus is especially on punctuality and reducing overall costs. For established businesses, agile adaptation to market changes is often very challenging.

This is precisely where SolutiCon, with its experienced consultants and coaches, comes into play. All our consultants have held leadership positions in maintenance and production operations. We understand the challenges faced by executives and staff.

Our expertise encompasses the following areas:

With our comprehensive experience from numerous practical projects, we see ourselves as personal coaches. We help our clients achieve success more quickly.

Practical-oriented Training

A significant source of errors, delays, and stress comes from employees lacking technical and methodological knowledge. This results in unnecessary equipment downtimes, efficiency losses, and production waste. Therefore, it’s imperative for every company to continuously train all employees in the following areas:

SolutiCon precisely combines these three components in its training programs. This ensures impeccable quality in administrative and productive processes.

For the following training programs, we offer, among others:

Sustainable Auditing

Proof of sustainable business practices is becoming increasingly crucial for a company’s reputation. Investors, customers, and suppliers are increasingly demanding this as a basis for further business relationships. Additionally, a company’s sustainability is gaining importance when attracting employees.

Businesses must be able to monitor and demonstrate compliance with requirements at all times. This applies to individual operational areas as well as across the company as a whole.

SolutiCon, in collaboration with partner Excon Service GmbH, specializes in systematically and professionally conducting audits with IT support.

SolutiCon’s specialized auditors conduct audits in the following areas:

Industry-specific audits include:

For further specialized audits, please feel free to contact us.

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Norman Barnekow

Founder & CEO
SolutiCon GmbH & Co. KG

Norman Barnekow

Gründer & Geschäftsführer
SolutiCon GmbH & Co. KG

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