Excellent Preparation

Disruptions in the production process can stem from inadequately performed maintenance. Production downtime or quality deficiencies caused by such maintenance issues can lead to claims, financial losses, or even endanger people’s safety.

We ensure clear processes and responsibilities right from the preparation phase of maintenance events.

All potential clarifications are proactively addressed, thereby minimizing disruptions during maintenance execution.

Optimal Maintenance Processes

Minimal production downtimes and the highest reliability through efficient maintenance processes are THE competitive factors of the future.

The costs of maintenance are quickly surpassed by indirect costs due to production downtime by multiples.

With our years of expertise, we assist you in optimally consolidating and synchronizing the maintenance requirements of the entire facility.

Thus, optimizing maintenance becomes a crucial investment in your operation’s productivity.

Audit-Secure Organization

Transparency regarding the causes of disruptions in operations and findings during maintenance events is the foundation for optimizing the overall system.

Operational parameters are monitored through key performance indicators in Shopfloor Management. For the long-term assurance of compliance with guidelines and standards, we have developed focused assessments and audits in collaboration with our partner, Excon Service GmbH. These assessments and audits incorporate years of practical experience and relevant standards. The software specially designed for audits by Excon supports efficient execution, evaluation, and sustainable implementation of actions.

The topics range from specific detailed examinations like the Maintenance Assessment to comprehensive ESG Audits.

The potentials of our customers are quickly identified, and impactful optimizations are initiated.

Get in touch with us, and together we'll discover your company's potentials!

Norman Barnekow

Founder & CEO
SolutiCon GmbH & Co. KG

Norman Barnekow

Gründer & Geschäftsführer
SolutiCon GmbH & Co. KG

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