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SolutiCon is the perfect partner for the creation, optimisation and implementation of maintenance concepts for production lines in 24/7 operation .


In order to improve the business processes of our customers, we apply our expert knowledge gained in many years of working as production, engineering and project managers in the aircraft maintenance sector.


We follow the highest standards with regard to safety, reliability, quality and efficiency.



The range of services offered by SolutiCon comprises the design of maintenance and engineering concepts, including reliability management as well as the organisation and improvement of administrative processes such as work planning, general planning and monitoring and technical support management.


Our expertise also includes the optimisation of operating maintenance processes based on the LEAN approach.


By customising our solutions to the individual requirements of your company, we provide you with a solution that sustainably improves production and work processes in terms of availability, capacity utilisation and use of resources.



Please contact us for more information or a first informal discussion:

Norman Barnekow

Managing Director

Industriepark Höchst

Paulistr. 3,   C880

65929 Frankfurt a. M.


+49 69 305 44870


+49 157 58250 490




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The philosophy of SolutiCon GmbH is based on the conviction that sustainable process improvements can only be achieved in collaboration with the management and experts on all operational levels.


At the start of each project, we therefore particularly focus on clearly defining what needs to be done and coordinating this planning with the relevant partners.




This leads to the design of pragmatic solutions that will be accepted and applied in long-term operations. Our approach is based on the standards defined in the LEAN philosophy, complemented by individual solutions that are just right for the specific situation.


The continuous improvement of individual business processes is paramount to making your company stand out among competitors in terms of quality, delivery reliability and costs.




However, the best process will not be successful if your employees are not convinced by the changes and resist new ways of working.


Our consulting services are therefore always accompanied by change management measures, to ensure that the new processes will lead to sustainable and continuous productivity increases.

SolutiCon GmbH

Industriepark Höchst

Paulistr. 3,   C880

65929 Frankfurt am Main